Friday, July 9, 2010




Work It
Dynamic duo Sara and Loren have been bringing back the 90s with their banging parties in Visions in the East End.

Tinie Tempah
London-born and bred MC on Parlophone and DL Records describes his sound as ‘in-describe-able’.

Fabien Kruszelnicki
Fine Art graduate turned fashion photographer focuses his camera on young new designers, capturing youth in the moment

Atalanta Weller
Two-time NEWGEN winning London-based shoe designer attempts to bridge the gap between the wearable and the sculptural

Former premier league footballer-turned-elusive producer and label owner of Werk Discs, Actress aka Darren Cunningham has been making forward-thinking electronic music, collaborating with the likes of Zomby and is to set to release on Honest Jons

The "letterman" jacket is instantly recognisable as a symbol of belonging. From it’s roots in 50s American college sports teams it signified membership to an elite club- a garment that had to be earned by being on the team. A classic silhouette- part peacoat warmth, part bomber-jacket tough, the two-toned letterman merges sports heritage with references to youth subcultures from practically every decade since the 50s, where it has become an icon of the street as well as the stadium. Nike Sportswear’s limited edition interpretation, irreverently called THE DESTROYER, was always going to be a strictly luxurious affair just as we’ve come to expect from the most premium division of Nike.

Photography by
Laurence Ellis
John McCarty

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