Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Lost In Translation, what a timeless movie. I bet you 20 years from now you'll be watching this movie & still be amazing by the score, dialogue, screenplay & the cinematography. Scarlett Johanson in this movie reminds me of my ex-girlfriend (maybe thats why I like watching the movie) & Bill Murray is just Bill Murray, what more do you want from the guy he's brilliant. Just a lil' piece of info if you're in the know you'll notice a cameo apperance from Hiroshi Fujiwara (the Godfather of Japanese streetwear) in the movie, he's happens to be friends with director Sophia Coppola.

OMG! Monica Bellucci is a goddess. Another movie i watched last night was How Much Do you Love Me? It's an artsy fartsy foreign movie (French) with erotic undertones, very well acted. I won't give up the movie other than to tell you to go watch it. Can i say Monica Bellucci again, daaaayyuumm!

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